Video presentation


The 6 minutes long video below explains very short my theory.
That Parkinson’s and other chronic diseases, have it root cause in the modern life where we are not allowed to follow our natural stress response. We get stuck in the stress response and produce adrenaline and other stress hormones instead of good hormones as dopamine and serotonin.

I have combined my knowledge a biologist and coach and explain how to think instead. I have collected the knowledge from books, internet, articles and my experiences coaching people. I can see the patterns in all this information and have added behavioral biology as the missing link to tie together all the loose ends.
In my head it is clear, what happens and how to bring you out of the state. Did I forget something to persuade you?

Here is two foot exercises for you who have a cramp in the foot.

Fight, fight and freeze behavior.

We all know how it feels to get angry, and most people have been in a situation where we want to run away from a situation. But we don´t hit other people and we do not run away from situations. We are trained to behave. So, the adrenaline just grow inside our body without being used to fight or flight. The feeling and the memory get stuck in your body very easily and end up being anxiety, tiredness, tremor after decades of being in alarm and using Adrenalin.

But what about freeze? It is the oldest and most primitive instinct defense system we have. We stop doing things. We freeze unable to move, and maybe we faint. We find it in all sizes. We are stuck. I have actually tried it once, I used to be very nervous when traveling by airplane, so being in a situation where I should check in and a young man tried to explain to me how to check in at a machine I could not move for a minute or two and just dropped newspaper 3 times while the young man picked it up for me every time. Terrible feeling.

In Parkinson’s disease it is called “stuck on pause” or “getting of“.

Below is a YouTube video showing how animal use and handle a freeze situation. Humans are not very good to get out of this stress again. So, people get scared of what is happening, try to move and fall. Next time being afraid not only to the situation that caused the use of freeze but also afraid of falling. So, it will get worse and worse untreated.