Reduce your stress-related symptoms with the HOPE Shortcut

By using the HOPE Shortcut with me you reduce the stress, tension, and anxiety in your life. Often you have symptoms connected to the stress and if they are consistent we call it a disease. Give yourself the gift and find out what is lest of your symptoms when you become more and more stress-free

Reference from Julia 25 march 2020 - Diagnosed with Parkinsons.

Reference from Michael Pedersen January 2019 - Diagnosed with Parkinsons.

My First client free of Parkinson by rescanning

vigtigste fra journalen

Translation of the neurologist journal
Thursday, December 5, 2019

Journal text – General Control DAT-PET 19.11.2019 shows normal conditions, that disconfirm that the patient have Parkinson’s disease. Formerly DAT-SPECT 30.03. 2017 showed changes compatible with early Parkinson’s disease. The patient has had tremors on his left hand since 2016. I have in objective study not found very typical evidence of Parkinson’s disease: oligomimia and oligokinesia have been charged and reduce left arm swing at gang

The patient has received valproate for epilepsy for many years. Valproate can perform Parkinson’s symptoms. Does not have epileptic seizures for approx. 40 years Current EEG 04 11.2019 shows normal conditions especially no paroxysmal activity.

I inform the patient that he does not have Parkinson’s disease, as well as with his Parkinson’s symptoms is probably conditioned by the valproate treatment. I recommend withdrawing Parkinson’s medicine


Glenn Burns, Korea, March 2019 Diagnosed with Parkisnons

Your coaching is very good.  EFT and the visualization are very relaxing.  I find I am tired after one hour and that’s about my limit.

I have reduced my Mucuna by around 60 % since we first started sessions.  I will continue to reduce in hopes of eliminating dyskinesia completely. One of my big problems is constant fatigue.

I have reviewed past traumas with you and have let them go I hope.  Many of these were in my subconscious and weren’t a daily thought.  I have no flashbacks and emotionally sensitive past memories are not as difficult to deal with anymore “. 

I have a plan to retire soon and enjoy life with my family.  Reduced stress is very important to my well being.

I believe Parkinsons is much more in control when stress is reduced.  Life will always have stressful moments.  Knowing that stress avoidance brings less symptoms is very important.

Regards, Glenn

Marit Digernes, Norway, August 2019 Diagnosed with Parkinson

“My world has changed!
First, I have been able to reduce my medication. Takes it now only when needed
– this is something I thought was impossible, but yes it is possible.
Second, I have been training systematically for two days.
The first day I alternated between slow jogging and walking, the second day
I took a demanding walk in the forest for 90 minutes. Both were challenging.
I actually thought I could no longer jog because my feet are so slow, but I did it.
Now I feel normal exercise stiffness in my legs, and it feels recognizable and

This morning I woke up with a deep desire to have a job to go to.
It has been years since I longed for this, so it is a good and healthy sign, I think.”


Rebecca Cerecke, New Zealand, June 2018 - Parkinson

1. session:

Lilian is very helpful, insightful and intuitive, she seemed to go right to the source of my problem in a short time.

I discovered that there are a lot of unhealed traumas in my past which are holding me back from my future and a good quality of life.
I am quietly optimistic, that with the tools and strategies Lilian has suggested, there is a good possibility I can change the Parkinsons outcome and improve my health and emotional well being.

2. Session:

Lilian very patiently and skillfully guided me through my second session with her today, addressing traumatic memories and changing their effect on my subconcious, this is already having a positive impact on my nervous system, my digestion is working better and my appetite has improved.
I’m looking forward to unlocking and healing more painful memories in my past, now that I have been given the tools, and ultimately recover my health.
Thank you Lilian

Bjarne Henriksen, 31 Januar 2018 - Free of Parkinson 2020

I received therapy from Lilian Sjøberg to get a little rest on my thoughts and mind after I have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and poor blood supply to my legs.

I got some tools to get rid of the tobacco, had smoked 20 cigarettes a day for 47 years, but now I have not smoked for 1 month. Quit Smoking is a condition that I can be operated in the legs. During the therapy we dealt with my sorrow from the death of my sister. I was surprised how touched I became. EFT worked incredibly well at me, I am amazed at that. My sister was my great help when I was a teenager, I could speak confidently with my dear sister about everything. The EFT exercise helped me to shut down for that sadness from my loss.

I have always been the protective and caring person to others, and put others in front of myself. I was always observing in public space to see if there was a danger to others, which was not good for my peace of mind. Now, I do not focus too much on whether anyone is in danger when I’m in public space. I say to myself:  “I am safe“.

When the therapy was over, my body and soul were in a lot of tranquility, my Parkinson, which also gives shaking in my left hand, was magically also at rest. I can not explain that, maybe Parkinson is more psychologically stressed than medicine believes in ???



Michael Pedersen, Denmark June 2018 - Parkinson

I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease 9 years ago. After a couple of years, I had, more or less consciously, a plan ready. I would not give myself to the threat I heard from doctors and experts: P is a slow worsening disease. I would do all I could to try to break the curve. I searched the net and used my network inside P society, but I slowly gave up. But then I met biologist and coach Lilian Sjøberg, who would like to write a self-help book on personal development and therefore wanted to test her techniques on people with a chronic diseases. She gave me the belief that it is possible to fight P. We have been through different methods, exercises and therapy. It has made me much more aware of my body and the connection between body and psyche. Lilian has also made my eyes clear that the internet is abounding with people / cases and even a whole association that aims to improve the situation and even heal some completely for P.

In short, I’m sitting here now after being treated of Lilian and can summarize:

  • It’s better with my right arm and hand
  • I shake about 80% less
  • My handwriting has improved
  • I can brush my teeth with my right arm again after 7 years
  • I have reduced at least 25% in medicine (madopar and entacapone).
  • I have more courage to keep my job.

and one important thing: I’m excited and waiting for the next little progress where I went before thinking about when I would get up in the medicine dose .


Peter Bork, 23. maj 2016 - sclerosis

I appreciate your desire & ease to remedy my flaws that arise from my sclerosis.
In the evening of May 23, 2016, you moved me from being a deep doubt of EFT to say, you must, for everyone’s sake, Practice in the future !!!
You quickly win one’s trust while your professionalism and skill makes me trust you !!
by Peter Bork

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“I am a biologist, coach, and therapist working to help people get rid of stress. I have specialized in reducing stress-related symptoms in people with chronic diseases. It is very new that a focus on stress reduction  can help people with Parkinson’s disease. Read what  some my clients have to say to learn more about the results that can be achieved .
From my experiences I have developed a concept that I call the “HOPE shortcut”. And it works very well!”

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