Single Session
You can order a single session for 750 danish kr for a 1½-2 hours session,
We can find out if your symptoms are stress-related or handle a specific problem or trauma caused by a single event.

Package: 3 sessions
You can order a package of 3 sessions ( 2 hours per session) for 2100 danish kr.
You ask me for help with a specific trauma or stressful situation in your daily day.

3-month program to better health
You can use my expertise as a Parkinson HOPE coach, Biologist, and therapist and get a 3-month program for 11.000 danish kr where I take the lead and help you reduce your stress-related symptoms.
All together 30 hours of help and therapy plus email support and support tools.
For the ones that really want to get started reducing symptoms and get some self-help tools and a route to better health designed for you.

The Hope method:

H: Introducing hope – by showing you that your symptoms are stress-related
O: Learning you to observe your symptoms in a structured way
P: Pacify the stress or trauma by therapy
E: Engage to heal-Coach you to a life with better health