The HOPE Shortcut
Online course

For five years I have collected knowledge about how people around the world get better from chronic diseases. This knowledge is now available for you in my online course to shortcut the process to better health.
To get better, you need to go through a four-step process:

H: Get new hope – of course you can get better
O: Observe your symptoms – so you know if your symptoms are decreasing or not
P: Pacify your symptoms
E: Engage yourself – to start the job and be persistent

This is why I call my course the HOPE Shortcut

By joining the HOPE Shortcut, you can learn how to reduce stress and pressure, and manage the powerful emotions in your life.

Often there are physical symptoms associated with stress, and if those symptoms are very persistent, we call it a disease. Give yourself a chance to find out how much your symptoms decrease as you become more and more stress-free.

I have tested The HOPE Shortcut method to ensure an effective improvement as we track your symptoms. We will find the root cause of the biggest peak in symptoms during your weekly activities.

You will quickly notice an improvement due to decreased symptoms if you do the work. Because this concept has been tested on several types of chronic disease, e.g., Parkinson’s disease – I know it works for everyone.

Hope Method

Hope Method: Ensure an effective improvement as we track your symptoms.

the HOPE Shortcut course

Anna, who has Parkinson’s disease, writes about the course:
“I love this course. I’ve read everything, and I’ve seen all the videos. I like that Lilian articulates the problems I have. The more knowledge, the better it is for me. I love that there is a lot of information.
This course deserves attention.
I would be incredibly sorry if I did not get the full benefit of all the things that stand out. There is a lot of knowledge. It’s rock solid. It takes some time and dedication because it is just like dieting; you have to do the work.”

Anna has now reduced her symptoms in certain situations and is now aware of how mental state affects her physical disease.

The Content of the Course


People are often stuck in their beliefs and disease. They do not think they can get better. By giving them hope, they can switch to an active gear, where they have more control. Therefore, hope is the very first thing to implement. Yes, you can get better!
In the first week, I will give you new hope.

Observe Symptoms

In weeks 2-4, you will learn to fill out a diary to keep track of symptoms to find the situations that give you peak symptoms.
Through this process, you become aware that peak symptoms do not come randomly.

Pacify the Symptoms

In week 5, I will tell you about the four different healing strategies people worldwide use to get better.
After this, you can easily choose two of the strategies and implement them in your daily life.


In week 6, I will give you two tools to put more power behind your healing.

You will get the willpower to start your journey towards better health. After this, you are ready for the persistent work towards better health.

Content of the course in numbers


Price: 100 euro
Discount: If you help me share the ad you can get a 50%, 75, or even a 90% discount. Every month, a winner is drawn from people sharing the ad. Click the money icon to help me help as many people as possible.
Time: 6 modules released with a week's interval. Eight weeks of access to the course

4 hours of Theory in 35 videos
1-15 minutes each

A good thing about me working in two languages is that the theory videos are short. To locate the different subjects, the material is divided into short videos. It makes it easy to find a specific video again or take a break in a module.

Weekly online QA sessions

Every week I will make it possible to for you to ask questions online in a zoom call. The content will be based on your input. These sessions will be recorded. I can demonstraite techniques, invite other proffessionals and maybe help with therapy if anyone is ready.

Facebook Support

I invite you to my Facebook group. Here you can ask me questions about the course and how it relates to you. It is also possible to ask questions via email

4 hours of video training with four specialists

There are lots of ways to get better health. I present professionals that show you how you can improve, and there is training for you to follow so you can start your process immediately.

There are hundreds of links to supporting videos and articles

To support my theory, I have found a lot of content for those of you who want to learn more. There are lots of professionals in the world that share similar viewpoints with me. This course has structured this knowledge and put it into a biological frame to understand this new picture. It is a silent health revolution that is getting up to speed now.

I created this concept based on
A: my experience with clients
B: knowledge about how people around the world recover from their chronic illness.

All this knowledge I have assimilated for you and structured into an understandable concept.

This concept has helped several people with Parkinson’s achieve a 2/3 reduction of their original symptoms.

  • A client was rescanned and no longer had the Parkinson´s diagnosis
  • A client with Burning Mouth syndrome has reduced her strong symptoms to no longer bothersome in daily life.
  • A client with PTSD now functions much better socially.

Lilian Sjøberg

“I am a biologist, certified coach, and therapist working to help people get rid of stress. I have specialized in reducing stress-related symptoms in people with chronic diseases.

It is very new that a focus on stress reduction can help people with Parkinson’s disease. Read what some of my clients have to say to learn more about the results that can be achieved .

From my experiences I have developed a concept that I call the “HOPE shortcut”.

And it works very well!

Customer Review

I have worked with people with chronic diseases for three years, investigating how coaching and therapy can help.

I have found a model that works.

I call it the “HOPE shortcut”.

Michael Ondracheck Pedersen

In short, I am sitting here now after being treated by Lilian and can summarize: It is better with my right arm and hand - I shake about 80% less. My handwriting has improved. I can brush my teeth with my right arm again after 7 years. I have reduced at least 25% in medicine. I have more courage to keep my job. And one important thing: Now I am excited and waiting for the next little progress whereas before I was always thinking about when I would increase the dosage of my medication.

Blenn Burns

"I have reduced my Mucuna by around 50% since we first started sessions. I will continue to reduce in hopes of eliminating dyskinesia completely. I have reviewed past traumas with Lilian and have let them go. Many of these were in my subconscious and were not a daily thought. I have no flashbacks and emotionally sensitive past memories are not as difficult to deal with anymore. ” ”

Marit Digernes, Norway

“My world has changed!
First, I have been able to reduce my medication. I now take medication only when needed – this is something I thought was impossible, but yes it is possible.
Second, I have been training systematically for two days. The first day I alternated between slow jogging and walking, the second day I took a demanding walk in the forest for 90 minutes. Both were challenging.

I actually thought I could not jog anymore, my feet seem to move so slowly, but I did it. Now I feel the normal exercise-related stiffness in my legs, and it feels recognizable and good. This morning I woke up with a deep desire to have a job to go to. It has been years since I longed for this, so it is a good and healthy sign, I think.”