HOPE Shortcut

The HOPE Shortcut

By using the HOPE Shortcut method with me you can reduce the stress, pressure and powerful emotions of your life.

Often there are physical symptoms associated with stress and if those symptoms are very insistent we call it a disease. Give yourself a chance and find out how much is left of your symptoms as you become more and more stress-free.

This concept has been tested on several types of chronic diseases eg. Parkinson´s disease.

That’s why I know it works for everyone

Below a video about th HOPE Shortcut

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Hope Method

The HOPE Shortcut method ensures a effective improvement as we track your symptoms.

We will find the root cause of the biggest peak in symptoms during your week and activities. So you will fast notice an improvement due to decreased symptoms

I am producing an online course

I have made a course about the HOPE Shortcut in danish and will spring 2020 translate it to English.
It is a 6-week long course where you every week get new information and task so you can be the next person to reduce your stress-related symptoms


People are often stuck in their beliefs and disease. They do not think they can get better. So only by giving them hope they can get into an active gear. Therefore, hope is the very first thing to work with. Yes, you can get better than now. The first session I show you how you can reduce your symptoms for a short period. If that is possible then we know your symptoms is stress-related

Observe symptoms

My clients fill out a diary where they write down 3 times a day what their symptoms, feelings and thoughts are concerning the most significant situation with peak symptoms

Through this process, they become aware that there is a connection between symptoms / emotions and what they do or think.

Pacify the symptoms

This is where it gets really exciting. I help with effective stress-reduction via therapy. We clean up your past for devastating events. For faster stress reduction I coach people to become active in their spare time with activities that support the progress  


People cannot go to coach and therapy all their lives. They have to get going themselves. I coach people to get into a state of motivation and energy to secure progress after the 10 sessions.

I created this concept based on my experiences with clients and the monthly student of what people around the world are doing to recover from their chronic illness. This concept has so far helped 3 with Parkinson’s down to approx. 1/3 of the symptoms they have before and a few of them have chosen to downsize in medicine of their choice.

One with heartburn has gotten its symptoms so much that they don’t bother in daily life.

One with PTSD now functions much better socially.

If you have a chronic illness, feel free to book me for a free 40 minute conversation so we can see if your symptoms vary throughout the day and whether you benefit from a course with me. Rome was not built in one day, so 10 times coaching is needed to achieve a result. Look under book me in the menu

Customer Review

I have worked with people with cronich diseases for 3 years. Investegating how coaching and therapy can help you.
I have found a model that works


I call it HOPE

Michael Ondracheck Pedersen

In short, I’m sitting here now after being treated of Lilian and can summarize: It’s better with my right arm and hand I shake about 80% less. My handwriting has improved. I can brush my teeth with my right arm again after 7 years I have reduced at least 25% in medicine. I have more courage to keep my job and one important thing: I’m excited and waiting for the next little progress where I went before thinking about when I would get up in the medicine dose .

Blenn Burns

"I have reduced my Mucuna by around 50% since we first started sessions. I will continue to reduce in hopes of eliminating dyskinesia completely. I have reviewed past traumas with Lilian and have let them go. Many of these were in my subconscious and weren’t a daily thought. I have no flashbacks and emotionally sensitive past memories are not as difficult to deal with anymore “. ”

Marit Digernes, Norway

“My world has changed! First, I have been able to reduce my medication. Takes it now only when needed – this is something I thought was impossible, but yes it is possible. Second, I have been training systematically for two days. The first day I alternated between slow jogging and walking, the second day I took a demanding walk in the forest for 90 minutes. Both were challenging. I actually thought I could no longer jog because my feet are so slow, but I did it. Now I feel normal exercise stiffness in my legs, and it feels recognizable and good. This morning I woke up with a deep desire to have a job to go to. It has been years since I longed for this, so it is a good and healthy sign, I think.”

Online courses

I am just preparing an online course in hope Coaching where you get the theory in why you get disease and stressed and how you get out of your situation using the placebo effect.

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Learn how to reduce your stress-related symptoms using EFT or the HOPE-method

Are you in a group that want to get help you can ask me for an online speech or course. You can join the online tool I have that allow us to have “normal” classroom training via an online tool

Online Consultation

It can not be easier. Sitting at your computer and getting better in my HOPE method sessions
email me: liliansjoeberg@gmail.com

Still in doubt: join my Facebook group and read all the post that support my theory about all this via this link

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Lilian Sjøberg

I am a biologist, coach, and therapist that help people get rid of stress. I have specialized in reducing stress-related symptoms in people with chronic diseases.

This is new that it can help people with Parkinson’s disease but you can look at my references.

From my experiences I have developed at concept that I call HOPE coaching.

And it works very well