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Parkinson’s disease is very stress-related – that can we all agree. But we seldom collect the knowledge that is already there. I will do the best to connect already existing findings with the following insight that is already out there.

Below is a man with Parkinson’s. He has problems walking, which is a typical Parkinson’s symptom. And a sign that he has a problem with dopamine in his brain according to the current belief – it is easy to see in the first half of the video

In the 2. half of the video, you can see him biking without any problem, which is a sign that he has no problem with his dopamine production.

The answer to this strange phenomenon is that something gives him a limitation in the dopamine while walking, not while he is biking.
Other people can have problems driving or the opposite. Every person has their unique combination of symptoms and having the symptoms or when they do not have the symptoms.

Below is an exciting shoe design that lets Parkinson’s people with freeze symptoms walk with “ease” due to a beam of light on the floor. So here, you see that a visual sign that can catch your attention and distract you. The person that has problems with freeze episodes will, with these shoes, be able to walk.

Below you see a man with Parkinson that needs a walker but can easily walk downstairs. You see, a distracted person from his regular thinking routine as he knows that the stairs need attention if you do not want to fall. It is not the time to think when your next step can cause you pain if you do it wrong. It is time for attention.  So our standard flat floor and road are not stimulating our brain in a good way. The brain gets “lazy” and give you time to think about challenges that are NOT in front of you.

If you combine the above strange observations with the below videos. You are close to solving the mystery about Parkinson’s disease

Below you can hear that dancing help people with Parkinson’s disease. So after a dancing hour, these people are better.
On YouTube, you can find numerous videos talking about the benefits of dancing.

Boxing is also good to reduce Parkinsons symptoms

You can find a lot of videos about other ways you can improve Parkinson’s symptoms. And these activities will help with a lot of other diseases as well.

The answer is that we are actually going in and out of our instincts all the time, causing all the symptoms. We can not help it. It is our body that tries to keep us alive.

Here is the theory explained

We all know how animals do: Run when they are in flight instinct (=excersice), fight when in the fight instinct(=boxing), and have an intense tremor when in the freeze instinct. The last half of this video is the freeze instinct animals use when they doubt what to do or close to dying.

I help people with Parkinson to find their way OUT of instincts because that is the culprit in Parkinson’s disease and other diseases. I am a Biologist, coach, and therapist, so I have a good basis to see across these similarities between humans and animals, and I have worked with several Parkinson clients. One client is rescanned ad now free of his Parkinson diagnosis.

I have made a six-week online course about this theory and how you can get better systematically. See more here

I have for three years studied Parkinson’s people who got better or healed and have a handful of my clients that are slowly improving by the systematic concept that I call HOPE Shortcut

You can use the ideas you see here to help yourself to get smaller symptoms.
But the most effective way is to STOP you from going INTO instincts, and that is how a therapist like me can help you.
Join my course and get the needed knowledge to a more systematic road to better health.

More videos:

Big and loud? This behavior also drags you out of instincts. Who wants to be big and loud when a tiger is close. But it also walks the other way around. You become relaxed when you move with self-confidence and make noise. No predators are around you.

Here is a search with articles about Tai chi ... it also works on Parkinson’s. You can find similar articles with yoga, Qi Gong… But the story is the same. EVERYTHING that makes you relax improves Parkinson’s.

And here a link to the The American Parkinson Disease Association (APDA).

The relationship between stress, anxiety and Parkinson’s disease

This page sums up all the things you can do. Just believe in it and be persistent. The hardest part is to step out of medication as dopamine stimulates your mood and often gives you side effects similar to your Parkinsons symptoms.
Dopamine is degraded to adrenaline, a stress hormone that kickstarts the fight, flight, and freezes reaction in the body.
Complicated? Yes, that is why you need help from the HOPE Shortcut course

Subscribe to my email list here and be the first to know when the course is on sale so you can benefit from the learnings as well. It will not be expensive. As I cannot make adds to Parkinson’s people, I decide to make the course for everybody. Because stress is doing much more harm, we are aware of now.

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