ALS survivors

One of the worst diseases today is ALS

Here people are not only dealing with a chronic disease. They also have to deal with a devastating belief that they will only survive a few years. We all know Stephen Hawking and that he lived a full timespan of a life. So it is not fair to reduce the hope for these people. One of my friends have a friend that has lived with the diseasel for more than 30 years so we ought to delete the negative belief to give any individual a fair chance.

Below you see two links to people that have recovered to a much better life. And especially in the first video, you can hear about a woman that have worked mentally with herselv to get better and by this is being an expert in how to help other people. Dealing with your traumas and stress can help the body to recover.  You can also see her training hard to regain physical strength.

If you stop with the traditional dividing of diseases into mental and physical it will help you a lot to come closer to a solution.

Both links are to people who have made a business out of helping others.  Like my self. You can have feelings about this, but is there another way to help people in the world full time? So like they are making an advertisement, I will do the same here. I can help you to find out which stress and traumas are blocking you from full life without mental and physical problems. Feel free to contact me at liliansjoeberg@ (please remove the space that prevent spam emails) and we can talk via a Skype-like connection to find out if HOPE coaching if for you.

Whatever disease you have please see this video and come closer to a new belief. If you have money to spend I think you should support one of them. I will by this webpage spread the word by collecting positive stories.

STOP the devastating believes. Everyone have got a chance to unwind the stress in their life.



Here a link to a page with a short video with several ALS survivors….. it is possible