Dancing and my comments on why they work

Here is articles and even a studi on why dancing can help you with any disease.

If you want to speed up the healing, therapy is is a good way. You remove stress from your life as you do with dancing.
There is no doupt that if you dance every day or several hours a day you can get a lot better from any disease.
But dancing must give you a good feeling. If you dislike dancing you are not able to get the peaceful and joyful feeling that helps you

AN ITALIAN doctor has remarkably discovered that traditional Irish dancing can, in effect, cure Parkinson’s disease.

When you are doing happy movements your body is hardwired to belive you are safe. When you are safe you are calm. When you are calm you have no symptoms. That is why dancing and singing will helps you.
I am preatty sure that any type of dancing will help you. Actually I think scientist should see the bigger perspective instead of making studies of salsa, tango ect.

Patients say dance therapy is cutting chronic pain

If your stress sign is pain you will also gain from dancing. Any disease will result in smaller symptoms when dancing. If you of course like dancing.

  • You are concentration on something in the moment here and now.
  • You are together with people and having a good time
  • You need to consentrate and coordinate
  • And you signal to your body that there is peace around you. the body can relax and symptoms disapear

Traditional dance and tango help Parkinson people

Below two examples with people dancing to get better health.
You probably need to continue dancing for the rest of your life to keep your symptoms down.
Dance helps you to relaxe and when you are 100% relaxed you have no or small symptoms.

If you have not figured out why you get stressed in your daily life the stress will continue to pop up when you stop dancing.
there is something called dance theraphy where you can combine the two.