World wide belief – time to change?

Parkinson’s beliefs: is it possible to get healthier or not?

Old belief: Nothing can be done to help Parkinson’s disease/ the disease is progressing
New belief: It is possible to do something to get better

This site, articles, and stories are full of stories about how it is possible to reduce symptoms in a myriad of different ways—eating vitamins, exercising, dancing, boxing, and my favorite: reducing trauma and stress.
So we have the science making experiments looking for proof in an ordered way – scientists making articles. And we have the bubbling and alternative way where individuals are making small or big progress, breaking the curve or even getting better. Here is no scientist, no double-blinded experiments with a group of people—only people stating their observations, using themselves as test person.

So, should we go with the belief that nothing can be done and the disease is only getting worse, or the raising belief that you can actually do something about your situation?

What is proof enough for you to shift to a better belief that you can do something to improve your situation?

  • A scientific experiment? (3, 6, 9 months?)
  • One person improving with smaller symptoms or more seldom symptoms
  • One person completely free of Parkinson’s for (how long? Days, weeks, years)
  • A certain number of people are improving. (what is your number of people?)
  • A certain number of people reducing their symptoms to zero. (what is your number?)
  • On person reducing the intake of medicine without bigger symptoms
  • A certain number of people reducing their medication to zero without bigger symptoms. (what is your number?)

As Parkinson’s definition is so strict:
(a progressive disease, no cure)

The logical answer should be:
ONE person improving just a tiny bit or just breaking the curve of progress.

If we can find just one person in the world that has improved (in size/frequency of symptoms or reduction in medicine intake), then that should be proof enough!

That is MY Opinion.
But I want you to reflect on what your opinion is.
1) How many people improving/free of Parkinson’s should it take to make YOU change to a better belief? 1, 10, 100, 1000, 10.000?
2) What type of proof is enough for you: Individuals/ experiments/fewer symptoms/less medication intake

And then go to any blog group, and you will find a lot of people that say they have broken the progress curve. A few that and improving, and maybe you have to google people that are close to cured.
My list is here:

And I can soon add my first client Michael, who now only is having tremors closely related to stressful situations primarily related to his work.

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