Parkinson tremor versus anxiety

I am a person that can very easily see connections between subjects. So I will show you some obvious similarities between panic attacks and Parkinson’s tremor.

You will of cause say that it is not the same and that you have never had a panic attack. No, but you are older now. You cannot run as fast as when you were 18. Your reflexes are slower, wear glasses, have wrinkles, and show a lot of big and small signs that you are not young any more.

So, my claim is that your threshold for a lot of things are lowered as you get older. Including the threshold for you to shake when you are anxious or excited.

A lot of Parkinson’s posts are about how to deal with the anxiety. So instead of thinking that Parkinson’s give you anxiety, think instead that anxiety gave you the Parkinson’s tremor.

But have a look on my arguments and find your own opinion. I hope that you agree as everyone know that anxiety can be healed.

Below is a video with a man with a panic attack.

To me it looks like tremor symptoms.

Below a guy telling (no video) about The Fight, Flight or Freeze Response. 

Especially listen to what he is telling about freeze. To me it sounds exactly as he is talking about the Parkinson’s freeze.

He has the advice to reduce speed in everything you do. Slowness is the speed of “safe situations”, speed is for getting away from dangerous situations. 

In MY perspective Parkinson’s disease and Anxiety can be treated in the same ways.

My way is to treat the root causes to the anxiety. Most often it will be removing old traumas. It can take a few sessions or a lot depending on your problems. I have helped one Parkinson person reducing his stress and he had only a few traumas and has reduced medicine with 1/3. And I am in the middle of helping one where it takes longer time, but symptoms are reducing as the stress get smaller.

Below is a man telling about with his tips on how to avoid panic attacks. Find 3 situations in your daily day and try out a couple of them. Please tell me the success stories so I can spread the word. 

We have a story to tell all other Parkinson’s warriors.

If you find this intriguing, then search on YouTube and you can find chocking videos searching for shell chock. 

After 1. world war a lot of soldiers had tremors and were in terrible conditions. Shaking and Freezing. It is so terrible to see that I will not link to them. But to me it is Parkinson’s symptoms that equals fight, fligth and freeze instinct behavior that match anxiety and adreanalin tensions

What do you see? The Parkinson symptoms or the freeze, flight and fight symptoms. Changing perspective give you more opportunities


So if you can see the above pattern and similarities with tremor and freeze and fight flight and freeze instinct. You can start being active and help yourselv. 

I will in the next blogg start telling abou what you can do yourself


The more you go into dialog with me, the more I will write. I want to help all people with cronic diseases. and the first thing is to remove the old belife “nothing can be done” and “it will get worse”.

Change perspective and help yourself.