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Stress diseases
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Did you know that Parkinson is a stress disease and a lot of other diseases as well.
Get a future with smaller symptoms.
By reducing your stress related symptoms and anxiety you get fast results.
Together with me we find the root cause for important life events and via the structured HOPE coaching you will end up with a bright future

HOPE coaching by Lilian Sjøberg

Parkinsons disease is a biological stress disease
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By reducing stress from your past and now you can get better and your stress related Parkinsons symptoms will fade away slowly

Parkinson coaching Lilian Sjøberg Online help

What is biological stress and relation to diseases?
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All important events in your life is stored not only in your memory, but also in your body.
Bad events can stress you every day and is the stress heavy you get symptoms. Symptoms can grow to diseases as Parkinsons disease

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