A 30-40 minutes free session to discuss if you fit into this program

to see if the internet connection is ok and if you understand my accent and I understand you. (If you are above state 2 or eat different sorts of medicine you need a supporting doctor)

Longterm coaching therapy packages

You want to get better. I need some time together with you to facilitate this. It took years for you to develop the disease, so of cause it will take time to unwind your problems, trauma and stress.

3 month jumpstart coaching

To kick of for new goals – new insights and the gate to a healthy life:

  • Giving you new hope
  • Find the root cause to your symptoms, often breaking an old trauma
  • Find out which sort of supporting rutines you need to stress down, when you are one your own

This take 3 month where we meet 10 times (2-3 hours). In between you work yourself with homework, tailored for your needs and possibilities. To ensure a result in this time you need 1-2 hours a day doing this, lets say 5 days a week plus our weekly meeting. To ease the time difference we lock the time slot to a specifik day and time.

You get a link from me and we meet online.

3 month to master the techniques in your daily day

Depending on the stress in your daily day life, your time to do the homework, your skills to see your own stress patterns and the stage of Parkinson you might need to take a follow up course or two. Are you having a busy life with job, children and problems with a lot of things or people it will of course take longer to get to the bottom of this.  I can lead you to see your pattern every time, but sooner or later you must see the pattern yourself and learn to let go of your stress when you are alone.

It is possible to meet 5 or 10 times (2-3 hours) here as we agree. Maybe we only meet every fortnight dependent on my calendar, so you can start experimenting yourself under my guidance. To ease the time difference we lock the time slot to a specifik day and time as a main rule.

Below you see my model for helping you.

In the end Parkinsons becomes a symptom/signal on stress from your body you can act on. It will be equal to high blodpressure, head ache, sleep problems, loss of short-term memory, swarming thoughts and the 100 other signals you get from your body to tell about your internal condition. And you after all this know what to do to get back to normal.