New way of thinking on the Parkinson's disease

Reduce stress and get better


It is becoming accepted that  exercises and meditation helps the disease. Why? because it reduces adrenaline in your body and and you become calmer by that. You can accelerate this by reducing the stress in your life. Not only the stress of today but also the stress from childhood. The stress is remembered in your mind and body. Reducing this "old" stress will forever give your mind and body more resources to cope with Parkinson's disease.

We start up the process online. I give you hope, reduce stress, give you tools and knowledge. You can after this continue on your own. 

Why did you get Parkinson's disease

All people are different, also Parkinson people. If you are in a room with 10 people with Parkinson, It might happen that they do not have overlapping symptoms. One thing they have in common is stress. Maybe you cannot see it, but when I talk to them a lot of stress come to the surface. It can be stress due to to many obligations right now, but it can also be stress from the past. Fobias, Parents beating each-others, terrible relationships, Stress at work and a lot more. Actually I do not think that it differ a lot from other people that do not have P. But when you are stressed for a long time your will get some sort of disease. The body cannot cope with the adrenaline you produce when you are stressed. The body will sooner or later react if you cannot let go of the stress. One thing that a lot of Parkinson people have in common is that they have been in some sort of accident. It might not be a big one. But one where you could not get rid of your pains immediately.  You instinctively learned yourself (100% unconscious) that the best way to avoid pain is to use adrenaline stress response (fight, flight, freeze). When using adrenaline you cannot feel pain. When using dopamine you do feel the pain and need help to address the problem. So this adrenaline "gear" became your favorite. When on Adrenalin you can cope with a lot. Fighting wtth a lot of task, running around doing a lot of things looking at the clock. But it is not healthy in the long run. After a long time with stress you get one of the typical Parkinson symptoms you also can refind in stress:
  • Tremor (like looking at a movie that is far to want to flight)e
  • Stuck on pause (stressrespons is called freeze) Your body will not move
  • Fatigue (Always being in fight or flight make you tired)
The way to get a better health is to find the reason you are stressed and treat them one by one. EFT and coaching is a good shortcut to this, and easy to learn.

Believe in your mind and your body´s power to change your future

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