Parkinson survivors

On this page I find articles about people who in some way manage to reduce their Parkinson symptoms. The story are yet so few, that it is important to find them as inspiration for others.

With this page I hope I can make a dent in the belief that Parkinson’s is a disease where it is not possible to get better.

I think we can learn several things from this videos and articles.

  1. It is possible to get better from a chronic disease.
  2. It takes several hours a day and persistence for a long period to make a big difference in your symptoms.
  3. Or you can shortcut and use a coach like me to reduce stress in your life.

I of course think it is a shortcut to reduce stress via trauma treatment. But There are several ways out of diseases. And it is important to chose a way you belief in to be persistent long time enough to get a result.

Here you can see the people  that I have found. Feel free to email me if you have found other people getting better.


Bianca Molle

Below is a video about a woman who have healed herself with 3 hours of Qi Gong a day.

Qi Gong is a Chinese “sport” that are a “cousin” to EFT (Emotional Freedom Technic) which I use. It is also a “cousin” to yoga.

Karen RaphaelHere is an article about a woman who can keep her Parkinson symptom to a minimum with hard training and meditation.

Interview with Clinical Research Scientist Prof. Karen Raphael

This fits well into MY theory. As exercise use all the excess adrenaline in your body, and meditation get her into inner peace. She must continue doing it not to get the symptoms to flare up again.

For a few people this is enough to get healed as the body “learn” that peace is the best state to be in.

Most people must like Karen constant reduce the adrenaline in their body.

According to my theory it is possible to find and eliminate the root cause to why the body produce adrenaline by coaching.

But stories like this can help breaking the old belief, that nothing can be done.

We have a couple of danes healing from Parkinsons

Henrik Nielsen


He joined  a danish television program about alternative healing. And we saw him all get better during the broadcast. From limping on one leg and not capable of using a screwdriver any more he found him self running “by mistake” when he realized that he start training to New York marathon and participated 2018 in 5 hours and 33 minutes.

For the once that want to google translate:link to a  small appetizer from the television

link to the next little clip

Link to the Danish

Parkinson comunity:Link to the Danish Parkinson comunity:

Henrik Nielsen optrådte i går i TV2-udsendelsen ’Helbrederne’. Her ser vi, hvordan Henrik, der har haft Parkinson i 15...

Slået op af Parkinsonforeningen DanmarkOnsdag den 27. september 2017

Hanne Koplev

She has been very active writing articles in English. She thinks it is due to metal from her work as a vet. But also tells that her riding on her horse calms her down.

See here the danish article

Hans Spaans, Holland

He uses Wim Hof method to get better.

Very short it is to be outside in very very cold ice water. This approach is based on him growing brown fat, that make all people feel better and help a better blood circulation.

I guess that you also must do a lot of mindfulness to cope with these strong situations. and lot of breathing.

Reversing Parkinson’s Disease Using the Wim Hof Method

you can find his facebbok page here:

Fred Phillip

Here is a looooong article with a guy who have tried close to everything to get rid of his symptoms.

Do not get overwhelmed. He is telling his story. To the end he ends up saying things that fit into my theory. That healing stress was the thing that was most effect full.

Living With and Healing Parkinson’s Disease Holistically … My Journey with Parkinson’s!

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