Placebo effect

Placebo effect is a term used in clinical trials. Medicin are only approved if it work better than a pill with now active ingridiense.  But If you turn it around you can say that the body have a big natural capacity to heal itself. Is it a good english (re-)frase to call it the life force?

All my coaching and theraphy is about maximizing this capacity, by reducing stress.

Belowe some videos that might convince you.


Cracking the code

Here is a one-hour long video about placebo effect. If you want to see scientists talking about it. this is the video. Late in the vide there is a psychologist who cure a male with some severe skin problems. Late in the video we see a psychologist finds out that it is an incurable disease the male had. It should not be possible. Let go of your old belief of what is curable and what not and start working on your own disease. And the clue from me is that a big part of it is stress, which you can reduce a lot.


Here is a fine speech. In sted of listening to what he is saying about placebo. Start listening to that he is saing that “something” can improve parkinson that is not pills. So he is starting to break down the belief that the parkinsons can not get better.

Alternative view on Parkinsons disease

Here is a speech that overlap a lot with my opinions. It is rather critical but maybe that is nessesary to shake the firm belifes about Parkinsons. I will show you the first 26 minutes. The rest is about food, and that you can finde elsewere

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